New Washington Laws Starting July 1, 2022.

New Washington Laws Starting July 1, 2022.

Several new laws are on the books as of this month in Washington State.  

  1. Sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines is banned.

Ammunition magazine with more than 10 rounds are now banned in Washington state.  This means that importing, making and distribution of such magazines is now illegal.  Magazines that are now banned that were owned in front of the July 1, 2022 law are still allowed.

  1. SR 99 Tunnel Toll Increases   

Tolls will be five to ten cents higher (toll amounts vary depending upon time of day). 

  1. Increase is License Plate costs

Costs of license plates, both new and replacement, for cars and motorcycles will rise this year. 

  1.  Washington Residents to be allowed free or discounted hospital care based on financial ability to pay 

This change in the law is expected to allow two million Washington residents to become eligible to access greater financial help in paying hospital bills by allowing people with greater income than before to access financial help for such bills.

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