Insurance Dispute Protection

When an insurance company accepts payment from a person or business, a contract is created between the insurance company and the insured. The two parties have obligations to each other. Washington has many laws and administrative provisions that guide the contractual relationship between an insured and an insurance company. At Wiener and Lambka, PS, we have over 70 years of experience working with insurance claims.  Please contact us for a free consultation to get the help you need from a top Seattle area attorney.

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Insurance Claim Attorney

The insurance policy itself, however, is the most important document governing the relationship. When an insurance company fails to provide the coverage it is obliged to under the contract, it can have catastrophic results to its insured who not only has suffered a loss already, but was depending upon the insurance company to take care of him or her in just such a situation. The Insurance Fair Conduct Act was recently enacted to help curb insurance company abuse. This law allows an insured who proves that the insurance company’s denial or limitation of coverage to be unreasonable to obtain treble damages and attorneys’ fees. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. We take great pride in helping people get the treatment that they deserve when an insurance company acts in an unreasonable manner. Please contact our office for a free consultation if you believe your insurance company is not treating you fairly. Our team of attorneys, our on staff registered nurse, and or nationwide network of experts is ready to help.

Insurance Company Bad Faith

An insurance company receives thousands of claims every day, most of which are promptly denied regardless of the claim’s validity. This is an extremely profitable practice for these million-dollar companies because most insured parties never refute the denial. For example, for every 100 claims an insurance company denies, about five insured parties choose to refute the denial. Of these contested denials, the insurance company may decide to pay on four of the claims. Even if the fifth party files and wins a lawsuit, including substantial punitive damages, this practice still works in the best economic interest of the insurance company because it still avoided paying out on 95 valid claims. Furthermore, insurance companies are multi-million dollar businesses with the resources to prolong a case until the victim is forced to take an insufficient settlement or gives up completely. You can avoid being a victim of insurance bad faith practices by seeking the qualified representation of one of the experienced insurance bad faith attorneys at Wiener & Lambka. Our Seattle-based law firm has a team of experienced lawyers who maintain an impressive record fighting insurance companies, defending the legal rights of the insured, and winning substantial settlements for our clients. We will make sure the insurance company pays the true value of your claim in a timely manner.

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