Back Injuries – Spinal Cord & Skeletal Injuries – Video Explanation

In this month’s vlog, James Lambka introduces the new back and skeletal injury section on the website.

James discusses different types of back injuries, such as soft tissue injuries and more serious skeletal injuries, and the relationship between these types of injuries and legal claims.

We have a page related to back and skeletal injuries on our website designed to help people understand these injuries better.

What We Know

There’s still a lot we don’t know about back injuries, and what we don’t know is most often the least discussed topic when we’re talking to doctors and medical professionals in general.

For example, whiplash is a type of soft-tissue injury that most often heals and doesn’t represent problems later in life, however, a ligamentous injury may be significantly more difficult to heal.


Bone Tissue Vs Ligaments

A break in the bone (such as breaking an ankle) can heal more quickly than a ligament such as with sprains and strains.

Ligaments require special medical treatment and much more attention and care since they are very poorly supplied by blood compared to bones. Remember: the bone marrow is where red blood cells are created. Compare this to ligaments which barely have any blood flow to them, and you’ll start to understand why cartilage and ligament tissue is so difficult to heal. Without the blood supplying the necessary building blocks, no repairs are going to get done.

Most people of a certain age have symptoms without any findings on an MRI. Sometimes there can be a finding in an MRI and there are no symptoms displayed. This is because we still don’t have complete knowledge about how exactly all of this works.


Legal Assistance With Back Injuries

In a legal framework, this makes it difficult to prove that an accident has caused an injury, later on, so be sure to consult a lawyer if you’ve sustained an injury even though you may not show any symptoms initially.

The seriousness of a spinal cord injury varies greatly since it’s directly related to your basic brain-limb coordination highway. Your spine and discs are designed to protect your spinal cord, and your muscles have a protective role here as well. When we talk about inflammation after an injury, that’s related to increased blood flow and blood retention to the muscles that have sustained the impact. This is a defense mechanism, designed to protect the all-important spinal cord.


Worst Case Scenario

If you’ve had an upper neck injury and a critical nerve was severed, that could lead to you becoming a quadraplegic, but if you’ve sustained the same injury in your lower back, you could lose the use of your legs.

In essence, there is basically no part of the spinal cord that doesn’t have a crucial role in your ability to move.


When You Should Contact A Lawyer For A Spinal Cord Injury

Contact a lawyer who has experience in this field of law. Wiener&Lambka will provide you all the necessary care if you require an injury lawyer, whether you’ve sustained a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury. We have medical professionals on staff to examine you immediately and help us establish if you have a case against the party who caused you an injury.

If you are looking for a proven professional, then please give us a call.
Contact your local Wiener & Lambka office today.

If you are looking for a proven professional, then please give us a call.
Contact your local Wiener & Lambka office today.


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