5 Important Rules Regarding Medical Care after an Accident

1) Don’t delay in getting the care you need

Many people want to avoid medical care unless it becomes necessary.
Because a lot of the injuries that occur from automobile collisions are soft
tissue injuries that do not have an obvious visible set of symptoms, many
people also believe that medical care is not needed. This is incorrect both
from a health stand point, as early intervention is almost always the best thing
to do medically, but also problematic from a legal perspective because the
insurance company will argue that if you were truly injured you would have
sought care. It is prudent to be better safe than sorry in these situations and
take care to make sure that you are putting your health first and go and see an
appropriate doctor.

Sometimes people put off care because they simple do not know where to go
or how to start. If you find yourself in this situation, then get in to your
primary care doctor for a referral. If you are still uncertain, then feel free to
ask for a free consultation with our firm and we can help you figure out a path
toward getting the care you need.

2) If you have a symptom, make sure your doctor knows about it
Your medical records are the evidence in your case. If you are having
medical difficulties and they are not reflected in your records, then claiming
them later is going to be very difficult. Getting the care you need and
getting all of your problems addressed medically is both the best thing for
your health and your legal claim.

3) Keep in mind that you may not be able to work while recovering

If you are injured, you may also miss time from work. If you are unable to
work, make sure your doctor gives you a written note excusing you so that you
can provide it to your employer. Discussing your job requirements with the
doctor and having clear communication between yourself, your employer and
your doctor will help to ensure that you don’t get into trouble with your

4) Do not Miss Appointments
While everyone misses an appointment from time to time for good reason, it
is important to remember that when you have a legal claim for your injuries,
the insurance company will be looking for reasons to limit your compensation.
If you are not following your doctor’s advice or skipping appointments, then
these things will be used against you later, especially if you do not achieve the
physical recovery that you might have otherwise achieved had you followed
your doctor’s advice.

5) If it isn’t Working, Consider Alternatives

At some point, continuing the same care without getting the results that one
would reasonably expect can become a problem for both your health and your
legal claim. While it is important to stick to a plan, there simply comes a point
where it has to be re-evaluated. There are many different types of medical
treatment that might be helpful for most injuries. Insurance companies will
not necessarily reimburse you for all of the care you have received if they do
not believe that the care was “reasonable and necessary.” Consulting with
your doctors and attorneys can be very helpful in determining when to change
the plan for your recovery.

Wiener & Lambka, PS has free confidential consultations.

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no obligation to retain us, and if you choose to do so we work on a contingency fee
basis so you do not have to pay for our advice up front – we get paid when you do.
Better to be safe than sorry when dealing with both your health and your legal
rights; please feel free to contact us via phone or online.

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